Visual Literacy

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Today’s world using writing in many different forms. Children need to be able to not only understand texts – but interact with them; not only write texts, but construct them. Visual Literacy is a key skill for this multimedia world and teachers need to ensure children are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to access information and communicate effectively using the appropriate methods and tools.

“Children naturally integrate their learning and curriculum through moving back and forth between words and pictures” (Ernst, 1992). However, as children progress through the curriculum, creation and use of images as a communication tool tends to be sidelined. Nevertheless, children have a continuing need for experiences with both words and pictures as they venture through their own journey in literacy.

Children need different ideas and techniques to help develop writing to make it informative, interesting and engaging. By blending all forms of communication, children are able to develop texts that not only support the writing curriculum, but their own skills as a writer and communicator.

The sessions below have been presented to hundreds of teachers and are frequently updated to take account of changes in technology and the curriculum.

Training & Services

Using Film to Improve Writing

  • Use film to support the structure and content of children’s writing
  • Learn to actively engage and motivate children with film
  • Use ICT tools to capture ideas and develop writing

Writing with Light

  • Enhance teaching with meaningful use of still images
  • Help children understand the impact of composition
  • Use images to improve children’s writing and narrative skills

Multimodal Texts

  • Help children to create interactive non-linar texts
  • Use low cost ICT tools to build engaging stories and articles
  • Understand the theory of effective multimedia texts

Page to Screen

  • Give children a real purpose for their writing – script a movie!
  • Learn techniques from the film industry to use in the classroom
  • Incorporate successful strategies into your teaching that engage and motivate.

Sessions can be delivered individually (e.g. a staff meeting), or two could be delivered as half day training , or four would make a whole day’s INSET. Each session is approximately 75 minutes in length.

Workshop style sessions and will require attendees to have access to computing devices.

Services are charged at a flat or hourly rate.

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