Improving Writing

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Writing continues to be one of the more challenging aspects of the primary curriculum. teachers need to support children not only with the technical aspects of writing, but also how to write with meaning, precision and purpose. The current programmes of study place importance on more of the technical aspects of writing – however, there is plenty of scope to also develop children’s creativity. Teachers need to plan engaging units of work that help children become discerning users of their writing skills.

The writing process and associated teaching sequence need to work closely together in order for children to develop their ability to craft meaningful texts that convey their intended message and purpose to the reader. Teachers’ planning benefits from having a clear view of both these aspects and in supporting children’s writing development, teachers will require a good level of subject knowledge alongside their own creative flare and enthusiasm.

These four modules have been designed to work together to provide a coherent programme of development for teachers so they can work to secure expected standards for their learners. Each module takes a practical approach and provides plenty of examples and ideas on how teachers might deliver the National Curriculum for writing in their class.

Training & Services

Outcome Orientated Planning

  • Identifying the purpose of writing & its form
  • Developing meaningful progression
  • Planning with clear, identified outcomes

Stimulate & Engage

  • The value of multimodal texts
  • Good modelling & developing motivation
  • Inspiring stimuli & engaging contexts

Developing Writers' Behaviours

  • Self organisation & the Writers’ Toolkit
  • Using powerful examples of success effectively
  • Developing self-critical writers

Feedback & Improvement

  • Managing responses to feedback
  • Building the pillars of assessment
  • Strategies for effective & meaningful feedback

Sessions can be delivered individually (e.g. a staff meeting), or two could be delivered as half day training , or four would make a whole day’s INSET. Each session is approximately 75 minutes in length.

Workshop style sessions and will require attendees to have access to computing devices.

Fit to Teach
Teaching Skills
Visual Literacy