Fit to Teach

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Teaching is a challenging job. Primary teachers are more active during the day than office workers and will need to ensure they are able to meet the demands of the job both physically and mentally. In these sessions, I guide teachers through practical ways to ensure they maintain and improve their fitness, their nutrition as well as their mental resolve to find space and clarity in a busy working environment. Taking care of yourself and having a supportive working environment has shown to decrease illness and increase productivity and so it is important we all have the knowledge and skills to look after ourselves.

Most teachers I know work extremely hard for long hours. This can come at the expense of their own wellbeing. Most people who need to improve their fitness could be said to be lazy – but that’s not the case with teachers. Teachers know how to put in the effort and are great at goal setting and planning. What they need are practical strategies that can be integrated easily into their lifestyle and weekly routines.

Having more energy in and outside of the classroom, being able to focus, not feeling lethargic, being a great role-model for children and a better sense of feeling better about yourself and life in general are all benefits of Fit to Teach.

Training & Services


  • Become ‘classroom-fit’ – ready the physical demands of teaching!
  • Learn good voice control and care – it’s your essential too!
  • Develop your stamina – increase and sustain your energy levels!


  • Discover what your body needs – fuel it right!
  • Improve your lunchtimes – have the break you deserve!
  • Enhance your environment – get support from your workplace!


  • Rediscover your drive & passion – find your joy!
  • Move forward with clarity – have a plan of action!
  • Manage your stress – regain control & calmness!


  • Get that elusive work/life balance back – it’s possible!
  • Be a good team member – you have much to give!
  • Having fun at work – you deserve to smile!

Presentation sessions can be delivered individually (e.g. a staff meeting), or two could be delivered as half day training , or four would make a whole day’s INSET. Each session is approximately 75 minutes in length.

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