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The 2014 Computing National Curriculum raised the expectation of what children are expected to understand and be able to do with a wide range of technology. As the pace of computing development and innovation continues to increase, teachers have the challenging job of keeping their teaching relevant and meaningful. Children need to be given the freedom to explore technology and use it for constructive purposes. A teacher’s role is to guide this exploration and help children safely use technology to support their learning.

The use of technology is such an integrated aspect of our lives that we barely even register how much happens because of computers. In our everyday lives almost every transaction – financial, social, personal, emotional is likely to have some connection with technology. And yet, the modern classroom and children’s learning experience rarely show this level of technology in use. Our children need to be shown how to use technology to help their learner, to present their learning and to share their learning.

Teachers also have so many tools available to them, that we need a workforce that can best use all this technology to work smarter and more efficiently.

Training & Services

The National Curriculum

  • Understand the requirements of the Primary Computing Curriculum
  • Unpick the thinking skills behind the programmes of study
  • Develop meaningful progression and assessment

Computing to Develop Understanding

  • See how computing can enhance understanding in other subjects
  • Use resources that help explain and explore key concepts
  • Integrate meaningful use of computing

Getting to Grips with Coding

  • Learn the fundamentals of coding as required by the National Curriculum
  • Learn basic programming and HTML coding skills
  • Develop lessons that stimulate and engage all learners

Using Free Technology

  • Save money by using free resources for your teaching
  • Add ‘wow’ to lessons and increase engagement
  • Save time by developing a bank of quality resources

School Website Check

  • Does your school website meet DfE requirements? Does it have the necessary statutory information and policies? Could an inspector find their way around the site? This quick check will let you know!

Subject Leader Support

  • Managing and leading computing in a school is one of the most challenging subject leadership roles. Most leaders take responsibility not only for the curriculum aspects, but the use of technology in the school. Coordinating the many aspects of the role is difficult. Working with a mentor brings clarity and focus. Support can be tailored according to need, experience and context.

Sessions can be delivered individually (e.g. a staff meeting), or two could be delivered as half day training , or four would make a whole day’s INSET. Each session is approximately 75 minutes in length.

Workshop style sessions and will require attendees to have access to computing devices.

Services are charged at a flat or hourly rate.

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